Via Pianelle, SNC, 28040 Oleggio Castello NO

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica

ASD ALP Arona Wakeboard School

ADS ALP was born in 2020 as the culmination of a twenty-year journey undertaken by people who love sport, passionate about the Wakeboard discipline, with the aim of sharing their experiences, promoting the discipline and creating opportunities for aggregation. The association is recognized by CONI and affiliated to the National Federation of the sector (FISW) and the activities that take place at the headquarters, including training, are in line with the required quality standards.

Wakeboarding is an accessible discipline but must be approached methodically and gradually; for this reason the Association has decided to make the skills of its technicians and qualified instructors available to enthusiasts or beginners, with specific training courses, both basic and advanced, up to preparation for national and international competitions.

The headquarters are in Oleggio Castello, a stone's throw from Arona and is located in a unique natural environment, among beech and chestnut woods, where it is not uncommon to spot deer, herons and other wild creatures. The vocation of the association is in fact also oriented towards nature and management is as eco-sustainable as possible; four-legged friends are always welcome.


Discovery Wakeboard - First time on the water!

The route is aimed at those who have never tried cable wakeboarding and is suitable for all age groups!

Do you want to find out what wakeboarding is before becoming a full-fledged rider? During Discovery Wakeboard experience you can try to understand what this sport is all about. With the help of professional and qualified instructors, you will learn the basic wakeboarding skills, and we'll answer any questions you may have.

The route includes: equipment, life jacket, intercom helmet and FISSW membership (Italian Surfing Water Ski Wakeboard Federation) and to our Amateur Sports Association.


Are you a rider through and through, and do you have a trick you want to unlock? Kick off your Wish Trick Run with a 30 minutes and our technicians and instructors will give you the secrets to take it home!

30 minutes of riding with coaching and intercom helmet!